The Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo

12 Years Of Images by Dan Rubin

Aliens from a distant world unknown, these independent artists are the ultimate creative outlaws. They call what they do prayforming.


2002 Oscar winner Thoth, countertenor and violinist, has been prayforming for over 30 years.


Lila'Angelique, coloratura soprano and violinist, has been prayforming with Thoth for more than 12 years, first as mentee, then married in 2015.


Where To Find Them

Cozumel, Mexico


Upcoming Events

  • March 25, 2023 – OHANA 5a Av. Nte. S/N, Centro, 77600 San Miguel de Cozumel, Q.R. 7PM


What They Do

Using countertenor and coloratura vocals, they create romantic music accompanied by theater, dance, foot-percussion, and violins.


Some Of Their Accomplishments

In 2002, a documentary about Thoth won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Film.

In 2017, a documentary about them called "Tribal Baroque: Beingness" won Best Documentary Short Film at the San Diego Film Awards.

Together they have traveled the planet since 2009, making public venues of resonant bridges, garages, tunnels, gazebos and doorways.


What People Are Saying About Them

"Thoth and Lila are two of the purest artists I know. They are a prism of precious contradictions: spiritual without being solemn; small in scale yet carnivalesque in impact; proud rogues and vagabonds - creatures of the earth - who have an instant access to the most intangible forces. The seeming ease of their work reflects their decades of expertise, together and apart, and they echo performance traditions that stretch back many thousands of years and are in danger of being completely lost. They are the shamans we need in this day and age: good deeds shining out in a naughty world. I suspect we shall not see their like again." 

– James Swanton, actor

"Thoth and Lila Angelique are sui generis performers who create a unique world of music and dreamscape. They have created performances that transport their audiences both back and forward in what feels like different eras in time all the while  redefining the present." 

– James Lapine, director

"Come experience transcendental luminous sound! The supernal beauty of Thoth and Lila's voices defy description other than their effect of carrying us into ecstatically expanded sacred space and consciousness. I have been a crystal singer my whole life and these beings hold and communicate that etherial resonance, as a catalyzing gift directly from the Realms of the Divine!" 

– Ariel Spilsbury, spiritual teacher

"Thoth and Lila create an immersive experience with their music, as if being transported to the angelic realms and caressed with angels' wings from the inside out. Tingling engulfs the body and the heart is electrified! The music they create is the language of light expressed in sound. You will feel activated, awakened and energized!"

– Elana Auerbach, writer & storyteller